Carmichael Chronicles

Downtime -- Northport 3

Investigation & Legwork

  • After closing the Doris Hampton case, Carmichael and Carmichael focused their efforts on uncovering the secrets of Northport’s occult mysteries.
  • John assumed the identity of a visiting academic (Dr. Severus Snape) and made contact with Dr. Oren Strickland. The two hit it off extremely well—Dr. Strickland is fascinated by John’s array of learning. They now meet once a week to play chess and discuss politics and history.

- Dossier Opened: Dr Oren Strickland

  • Careful inquiries on John’s part revealed that Oren knows Aloysius Carrington. Aside from interacting at the exclusive Elm & Yew club, Aloysius explored the Zoquian jungles in his youth, and the two often discuss Zoquian mysticism and history together. John used this connection to establish contact with Aloysius, under the Snape identity, and start corresponding.
  • Aloysius is eager to discuss matters mystical via letters and messages, but in-person meetings only go to those he truly respects as experts on the supernatural. If he decides that a given guru is not authentic, he will never see them again.
  • Aloysius’ main interest is in learning about gods of the afterlife, when they were worshiped, by what cultures, what evidence exists of their worship, what are their reported abilities and properties, etc.

- Dossier Updated: Aloysius Carrington


  • Tesh-Xi attempts to infiltrate Jasmine’s organization as the hulking bodyguard Mr. Grimm. He is subjected to a grueling interview, in which Jasmine asks several pointed questions. (Social duel. Tesh wins in three rounds, but four of his fortes are wiped out in the process: Motivation (Knowledge is Power), Past (immoth), Learned, and Claws)
  • Ultimately, after nearly getting thrown out, “Grimm” impresses her with his nonchalant attitude towards violence and objective perspective. Somewhat fascinated, she hires him. Tesh is not one of her closest body guards. Instead, he is placed on duty guarding her penthouse in Newton. Most of the time he simply nods at her as she comes and goes, accompanied by her more trusted bodyguards and hand servants. However, this does give him the opportunity to study her living quarters, identify those coming and going from her penthouse apartment, and open a dossier on her.

Dossier Opened: Jasmine Ruiz-Carrington

Phillip Carrington

  • Haura gathers information on Phillip by asking around, reading newspapers, interviewing those in the know. Eventually she arranges to be at the same nightclub as he’s attending and draws his attention. He’s there to meet someone, but she draws him in and manages to get him to buy her a couple of drinks—as a gentleman, though his interest is piqued.
  • As it turns out, Phillip is more than just business partners with Opal. He’s clearly rather taken with her idealism and spirit, and is subtly courting her. Haura ducks out before she’s noticed, leaving Phillip to hastily greet Opal, who is slightly suspicious.
  • Haura manages to get Phillip’s information so she can contact him later. She is playing the part of the mystery woman, drawing him in with curiosity.

Dossier Opened: Phillip Carrington



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