Carmichael Chronicles

Synopsis -- Northport 1

Case File: Every Time a Bell Rings

  • John, Tesh-Xi, Haura arrive in Northport
  • Portal in Northport is in the middle of a museum. Tesh bursts through the display glass, attracting the attention of the security guards. They split up and use magic and cunning to evade pursuit, agreeing to meet at the City Hall building in two hours.
  • John makes his way to city hall, picking up information about the city/world on his way.
  • Upon arrival, John impersonates a Department 7 agent and gets the name Nancy Rain (she worked the Mercury Hospital bombing case). She is at a crime scene—the Angel Murderer has struck again.
  • John travels to the crime scene and gains access through his cover as a Department 7 agent. He “pulls rank” and gets Nancy to give him the scoop on the murder.

- Victim is Evvie Brown, cabaret singer.
- All victims are young women, between 18-21, black hair
- Victims include cocktail waitresses, strippers, sex workers, lounge singers, and a single C-list starlet
- No fingerprints have been found at any of the crime scenes
- All victims have two precise, deep cuts down their backs—right where an angel’s wings would be.
- Crime scenes are all over town, usually near the victim’s workplace. Two of the victims were killed in their homes, including the starlet, Lavender Lahey
- Killings have taken place over the last five months

  • John’s inspection of this crime scene revealed the following clues:

- Crime scene is in an alley around the corner from the Razzle Nook, Evvie’s cabaret.

- No sign of struggle along the way to the alley. Signs of struggle at the murder scene.

- No fingerprints found on the body.

- A makeup compact belonging to Evvie was found between the cabaret and the alley. Evvie’s fingerprints were found on the compact.

- Cause of death is uncertain. The same angel-wing cuts are present, but there’s not enough blood to indicate those wounds were cause of death.

- Blood pool indicates Evvie’s heart stopped beating before the wounds were inflicted.

- A gray handprint around Evvie’s neck shows signs of necrotic damage, in addition to standard bruising.

- An opium pipe belonging to a Giotto family thug was located nearby.
- Gianni Pavlo is rumored to fancy Evvie. He was at the show that night, but left early.

- A transient in an alley nearby saw a beautiful woman with black hair, white skin and wearing a white and gold feathered dress walk down the alley to the murder scene, as if she was waiting for someone. The transient did not witness anything else. Note: John obtained this information by inflicting irreparable mental damage on the transient.

- Witnesses report seeing a beautiful woman with black hair, white skin and red lipstick leave the cabaret right after Evvie’s act. The woman was wearing a black overcoat

  • John left the crime scene and traveled to Sihaitown, entering Guan Gui’s noodle shop. He interrogated the owner and learned two facts:

- The woman John saw was last seen leaving the noodle shop to go to Thornacre Manor. She is known as the White Ghost.. Northport_White_Ghost.jpg

- The White Ghost was last seen leaving Guan Gui’s noodle shop and heading to Thornacre in Highvale—the Giotto crime family’s center of power.

- Mr. Lo is putting some of his girls under additional protection.

- There are rumors that the Giotto crime family is behind the killings, to disguise hits on Mr. Lo’s working girls.

  • Finally, John tracked down Gianni Pavlo at the Black Rose and confronted him. In the conversation, he learned the following facts:

- Gianni did fancy Evvie Brown. He claims she has a reputation for promiscuity as well.

- Gianni left early to resolve a “business dispute” with a banker who was failing to comply with the Giotto family’s orders.

- The White Ghost is Mr. Lo’s personal assassin. She answers to nobody else in the triad. Her reputation as a deadly and efficient killer is well established.

- Rumor holds the killings are an excuse for the Triad to declare war on the Giotto family.

- When pressed, Gianni admitted the killings have a supernatural connection. He advised John to investigate the Carrington family, identifying them as key figures in Northport’s occult community.

  • John decided to regroup with his team, leaving the case file open. He reunited with Haura at City Hall and tracked down Tesh-Xi with magic.
  • While flying overhead, John saw a shadow passing extremely fast overhead. He believes it to be a flying vehicle of some kind and has dubbed the owner “Batman.”
  • Tesh-Xi was eventually located in the ruins of Mercury Hospital. Once united, the group secured funding by burglarizing a bank vault (security did not include dimensional barriers). With money in hand, they traveled to the Essex hotel and leased an office and three rooms.
  • In no time at all, John had established the private investigation firm of Carmichael & Carmichael.
  • A week or two passed while C&C filed as little paperwork as they could get away with, acquired office furniture, established contacts and otherwise made themselves ready for business. Katherine Rascal, receptionist and manager of the hotel, assisted with her vast network of connections, overseas and otherwise.
  • Dossiers opened on:

- Aloysius Carrington

- The White Ghost



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