Carmichael Chronicles

Synopsis -- Northport 2

Case File: The Doctor and the Master

  • After solving several minor cases with incredibly speed and efficiency, Carmichael & Carmichael attracted the attention of Opal Donahue. She hired the firm to covertly help Doris Hampton, a young actress being exploited by her manager.
  • Research revealed the following facts:

- Doris is gifted. She can manipulate fire through her song.

- Her manager, Lenard Hall, was taking economic and physical advantage of her

- Doris goes missing for 4-6 hours once or twice every week.

- Doris recently secured a singing role in a Duke Studios production, Tlacelel vs. Amotxtli —A historical epic of forbidden love between rival monarchs. Her only role was to sing during a vast set piece of the court.

  • John sent Haura to tail Opal while he and Tesh-Xi traveled to the Studio District to meet with Opal and investigate her manager. John got on-property by impersonating a successful talent manager. He located Lenard and deliberately antagonized him, all while instructing Tesh to inspect the area. Doris was uncharacteristically late. John tricked Lenard into Doris’ trailer and moved in to confront him there.
  • Doris arrived shortly after John closed the trailer on Lenard. Tesh discovered that she’d forgotten about the shoot; when she went into makeup, she confessed that she’d forgotten her lines as well.
  • John interrogated Lenard. He learned that due to an arrangement with someone named Xorbius Brandt, he brought Doris down to Baily Hook on demand. There, Lenard would turn Doris over to a smuggler named Saul Henning, who brought Doris out over the water. Several hours later, he’d return with her, and she would have no memory of the event. Lenard was receiving regular payments and thought it best not to ask questions.
  • In the middle of interrogation, a group of grips, security guards, janitors and other workfolk on the set attacked the trailer. They flooded it with odorless, clear knockout gas. Lenard passed out, but John raised an illusion to hide the conflict from outsiders. Then he unleashed the antediluvian powers of the depths and black shadowy tentacles erupted from below his feet, seizing and brutalizing all of his attackers.
  • At the same time, Tesh burst into Doris’ makeup room, where the makeup artist was attempting to poison Doris with drugged makeup.
  • With everyone unconscious in the trailer, John settled into an oneiromantic trance and entered one of his attacker’s dreamscapes. As he prodded the thug’s unconscious mind towards the motivation for the attack, a wall of fire erupted and through the sheets of flame he saw a towering figure, eyes gleaming malevolently through the smoke. The thug’s mind had been bound, forbidding him from revealing his master’s name or secrets.
  • John knew that if he broached the mental defenses, it could destroy both the thug’s mind and his own. He made a swift decision, and unleashed his will on the barrier, defying its might and reaching through to pluck a name from the smoke— Ralzamon, Master of the Unknown!
  • Mental fire roared from the terrible visage of Ralzamon. Before it could char and ruin the minds of wizard and thug alike, John seized his attacker’s mind and dragged it to the roots of the curse that plagued John—the night twist. He deliberately exposed his attacker to the curse and allowed it to spread. A mighty thicket of dark, twisted trees rose up, meeting the onslaught of fire and smouldering in defiance.
  • John showed the unconscious mind of the thug that there were greater horrors in the cosmos than Ralzamon, and that if John was capable of resisting them, so too was this man. John resolved to take the thug under his wing and teach him to resist the power of the nightmares, accepting the burden of responsibility.
  • From the haunted but intact dreamscape, John learned the following facts:

- The attackers come from a group called the Unknowables

- The Unknowables are an Aleburg street gang comprised of former addicts and the mentally handicapped. Ralzamon altered their minds to free them from their addictions and compulsions, while replacing those wounds with obedience to him.

- The Unknowables were sent to capture Lenard and Doris and bring them both to their lair in Aleburg.

- Doris was targeted because Ralzamon claims she needs training and protection, which he can offer.

- Lenard was targeted because of his deal with Xorbius Brandt, Ralzamon’s hated nemesis.

  • After searching the thug’s dreams, John called him “Known” and moved on to Lenard’s mind. He learned more of Lenard’s deal with Xorbius, and left behind a compulsion: if Lenard ever attempts to take advantage of a woman, he will be compelled to break his own fingers.
  • John and Tesh took Doris off-site after she completed the shoot. Her memory has been damaged from her forays into the ocean, but Tesh was able to glean the following facts:

- Doris remembers Saul taking her to a submarine

- Saul seems a reluctant/unwilling participant in the scheme.
  • Tesh and John united Doris with Opal, who promised her protection and a new agent, procured and managed by Opal herself.
  • Ms. Donahue paid C&C handsomely for their services and promised to work with them in the future. Her objective is to open a home for the Gifted youth of Northport, and to find them help and training.
  • Further research revealed that Xorbius has invented a device which supposedly infuses ungifted indivudals with The Gift— but with an awful toll on their humanity.
  • Doris is naturally Gifted, as she developed her powers prior to Lenard’s arrangement with Brandt.
  • Dossiers were opened on the following individuals:

- Opal Donahue

- Ralzamon

- Doctor Xorbius Brandt

  • Case file on Doris Hampton has been closed
  • Case file: The Doctor and the master remains open.



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