Carmichael Chronicles

Synopsis Part 12

DraGun-- The Saint and the Sinner

  • John reunites with the Red Cross Knights, meets their leader
  • Discovers that their leader is Saint George the Dragon Slayer, from Earth
    > George swore years of service to the Fairy Queen before he could unite with his wife Una. On such a quest, he walked a fairy path and was stranded in DraGun. Sworn to protect the weak from the oppressor, he took up arms and founded a knightly order to oppose the Ulhar and do what he does best—slay dragons.
    > He carries with him a small Coriander Flower, given to him by his wife as a token of her favor.
    > He knew King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
  • John tells George everything about his quest.
  • They decide that the Vignar have to be stopped—before they can assassinate the Voskii Seers, and before their shadowy power can wreak ANY more evil. The best way to do this is to cut off the head, and kill the Vignar’s master, Dreargakaduayarte.
  • To kill an ancient dragon, especially one wreathed in unholy power, they need a special weapon. John works with Manda to create a special railgun. The warhead itself is crafted from the most advanced materials possible and enchanted with layer after layer of deadly runes. John dubs it, The DraGun.
  • Before leaving on their Journey, John gives Gilwargis a gift—a beautifully illustrated copy of St George’s own story, from 21st century Earth. In return, Gilwargis gives Carmichael an enchanted cordial gifted to him by King Arthur himself, said to be capable of curing any ill.
  • John and Haura depart, leaving Rasmus and Garrit behind with the Knights. By stealth and magic they infiltrate Vignar territory and find Dreagakaduayarte’s lair, a cave wreathed in shadows.
  • John goes to challenge the dragon. A tense standoff emerges, as John hears the ancient dragon’s voice, carefully moving to avoid being detected. Dreagak reveals the fact that Falazure knows John’s name and that Varin back on earth knows about John’s presence here, and taunts John with the knowledge that Death is loose in his homeworld and cannot be stopped. Just as the monster lunges at John, he fires the DraGun straight into Dreagak’s heart. The magic there cripples the Dragon’s spirit, infusing him with the same necrotic power that fascinated it.
  • Dreagakaduayarte is dying. John makes him an offer—Dreagak can avoid death by becoming a guardian, fusing with the dark cave to protect other dragons there. He will also protect a shard of Uzhul. Any blue dragon hatched there will be infused with the shadow of falazure and the unholy strength of Uzhul. However, only one hatchling will survive from each clutch, absorbing the power of the others. Dreargak, finally face to face with the death he’s anticipated for so long, accepts the offer, binding himself to the land and the shard, and sowing the seeds of horrors in years to come.
  • John completes the guardian ritual with Dreargak, a dark act with consequences to follow. Then he takes the communication center he finds there—the nerve center of the Vignar—and impersonates Dreargak. He announces to all the Vignar that they have passed the grand test—that all along, they have in fact served not the will of Falazure, but of Chronepsis, the SIlent Watcher. Their task complete, it is their sacred duty to withdraw, to observe, and not to intervene. Wearing the shroud of Dreargak’s soul around him, he succeeds, and the Vignar withdraw completely from the political landscape, forsaking their allies and vanishing.
  • Upon their return to the Knights, John confesses what he’s done to Gilwargis. He gives the Red Cross Knight the location of the unhallowed ground and imposes on him the task of ensuring that each generation of hatchlings born their is slain before it can become a monster. This means that Gilwargis cannot leave, not without ensuring that new generations of Paladins will take up the cause. Gilwargis warns John that such dark actions leave a mark, not only on the world, but on John’s own soul.
  • Having dealt with the Vignar and robbed the Ulhar Conspiracy of a key ally, John and his allies turn their attention to the next phase of the plan—a Throden-Kothar attack on the Coalition.



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