Carmichael Chronicles

Synopsis Part 13

DraGun--The Squire

  • The Throden-Kothar are planning a terror attack on the coalition.
  • Red Cross Knights rally to defense
  • John reaches out to Konstantina and warns her, coordinating the defense efforts.
  • During the attack, Trundrachanderion (mature female blue dragon) is slain in combat by Athanius Voski
  • However, using illusions, John helps Gilwargis fake his own death.
  • The battle wreaks havoc on the Throden-Kothar forces. Aside from the apparent death of Gilwargis, it is a rout.
  • Once the battle is over, planning begins for the combined assault on the Voskii capital. The Red Cross Knights host a meeting of all the factions. Little help is coming from the Exarchate, due to the chaos sown by the loss of their Patriarch. Konstantina leads Coalition anti-air forces, the Red Cross knights deploy to attack where the fighting is worst, and Rinn’s Rebels harass from the side.
  • Daudhir’s raiders and Malef’s forces push from one side, but are instructed to meet the Voskii forces head on.
  • Jimbidakimbatuul’s air forces, including the nuclear arsenal, attack an outpost on the border of Voskii territory and fly straight for the citadel. John and Haura infiltrate the main attack ship of the fleet and hide on board.
  • Just outside of populated areas, John and Haura use illusions, deception and firepower to access the nuclear arsenal and set it off. They leap from the ship and wrap themselves in protective magic, teleporting from vessel to vessel in order to escape the exposion. Jimbidakimbatuul perishes in nuclear fire, along with the majority of his forces.
  • At the heart of the city, the wrathful and desperate Throden-Kothar send a small team of assassins to kill the psychic seers. John and Haura rush to save them, and Hakorcazglrtun bursts through a wall. The asmodean sorceress Hmeldr approaches John with confidence, bristling with unholy energy. John crushes her will simply by meeting her gaze. Horrified by what John has seen, she quickly falls to his magic, leaving John free to battle the massive godslayer.
  • Hatthm emerges and Haura faces him down, assailing him with bewitching spells and blasts of lightning. While they are distracted, Hakortu emerges from stealth and strikes with an assassin’s speed. Ultimately John and Haura triumph, but not before John recognizes Hakortu—she is identical to an assassin who first tried to kill John, then protected him, back on Earth in his youth.
  • John browbeats Kazimiir into accepting his son Athanius’ status as leader of the Red Cross Knights and helps form an alliance that will oppose the Ulhar. Voskii, Exarchs, Coalition and even Dragons unite to resist Ulhar domination and establish peace, some day.
  • With the help of the Exarchate, John and Haura reactivate the dimensional portal facility. John uses his knowledge of the Infernal Alliance’s secrets to connect the dimensional portal to a universe with a Cyst, and John and Haura leave DraGun behind.
  • Garrit and Rasmus Briarjoin Daudhir’s raiders as envoys on behalf of the Renegades and Coalition, respectively.
  • Gilwargis remains in hiding.



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