Acophisian (Haura)

Enchanted blue dragon


Character Sheet

Theme Song: Believe by Mumford and Sons

Action Theme: Miami Showdown by Digitalism


Her name was Haura. She told herself this every day as she started from sleep, heart still racing from a dream of flight over the desert. As morning light brushed her eyes, as she felt the power in her blood burning anew from a night’s rest, she shook off memories of crushing prey below her claws and scattering the fearful in the shadow of her wings. Her name was Haura. Memories of walking the desert on two feet, of meeting John Carmichael, those were real. The dragon dreams were an illusion, or a byproduct of her sorcerous birthright.

But no—her name is Acophisinian. Dragon of Ashen. Feared by lesser beings, supreme over her lands. Humans are prey, worshippers, potential pawns. Not worthy of fear or respect. Only magical power matters, and only those that can challenge me deserve my attention.

But no, neither are true. Or both are true.

Damn you, John Carmichael.

Everything is blurry before she woke up on Ashen, confused and surrounded. She recognized the Seeker and clung to him in a storm of uncertainty and mistrust. He reminded her that she was a sorceress, that the blood of dragons flowed in her veins and it was her destiny to master the arcane arts. Dark and gaunt shadows sneering at her from beyond the veil of sleep, memories of a place where the bones of dragons were like grains of sand in the desert—they all flashed before her as she struggled to gain her feet. Haura. My name is Haura. I am Acophis.

Somewhere in the balance is a person, lost between the two.

Sleek with the lean muscles of a predator, Haura stands about 5’6". Her hair flows behind her, soft gray like storm clouds, and sparkling sapphire eyes regard her surroundings with the coiled calm of an alpha hunter. Sometimes she stumbles, as if uncomfortable in her own skin, but when danger lurks she moves gracefully and powerfully, striking with confidence.

Haura fears the memories and uncertainty that haunt her, and devotes her energies to pursuit of the arcane to avoid the ambiguity in her own mind. She revels in her increasing power, mastering situations with poise and decisive action. Her piercing gaze makes even the confident shrink away, and sometimes her shadow seems larger than she is. Haura analyzes every challenge and problem with an intense but focused mind, searching for the fastest, most efficient solution.

Acophisian (Haura)

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