Aloysius Carrington

Successful Industrialist



Years ago, Aloysius divided his time between exploring distant continents on Safari and carefully investing in fledgling cities. He had an eye for determining which would be successful and which would ultimately fail, and he knew how to make money off both. Soon, the Carrington family’s already comfortable wealth swelled, enough to make him the founder of a reborn dynasty. He is ostensibly retired, but has enough resources and influence to pursue his interests without interruption.


At his heart, Aloysius is still an explorer. In his youth this meant searching for lost cities in the distant jungles, camping across the savannah in pursuit of uncontacted tribes, and blazing trails through treacherous mountain passes. During the exploits of his youth, he came in contact with many mysteries that science could not explain, and developed a keen fascination with the mystical beliefs and practices of distant cultures.

Now Aloysius explores the mysteries and unknowns of the spiritual realms. He is a knowledgeable occultist, dabbling in all sorts of magical traditions in search of wisdom and power. His unshakable confidence in himself—confidence that saw him through many dangerous adventures, but also cost him some friends—leaves him with no doubt of his own success. While self absorbed, he maintains strong relationships with many old timers throughout the town, and is truly and devoutly focused on his occult studies.

Aloysius Carrington

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