Bound Servant of HADES


“What’s this? The stench of decaying fat? The acrid putrescence of vermin left to rot in its own filth? Perhaps the wafting vapors of a nauseous troll? Ugh—worse—it’s John Carmichael. For a moment I thought fate had cut me a break."

Anamnes’ manners are nowhere near those appropriate to a majordomo. This jackal-headed fiend has ghost-white fur and pale red eyes. While his hands are fine enough for delicate gestures, poison drips from the razor sharp claws at each one’s end. It is easy to forget through the finely appointed silks and masterful seam-work of his scholarly robes that the eloquent castellan of the Infernal stronghold is a beast of sorts—until, that is, his temper snaps and he snarls, hair on end and hunched like a predator. This happens on rare occasions. Most of the time, he maintains his dry wit and hatefully sarcastic courtesy.

He is rarely seen without a tome in his hands, as he spends much of his endless time in the Stronghold reorganizing the various dark libraries and collections found within.

Regardless of his flaws and dangers, inherent in a treacherous Yugoloth, Anamnes is a powerful and knowledgeable spellcaster. His innate powers are magnified by intense study of wizardry. His mind is impenetrable to enchantments and he fades in and out of invisibility without warning and at will. When irritated, he likes to heat metal objects near John to a red-hot scalding temperature. He is also capable of flight, can manipulate objects around the stronghold without touching them, and changes his shape as often as he pleases. Most of the time, it pleases him to wear his own unruly skin.

Anamnes rarely opens his mouth to speak, preferring telepathy. Magic rolls off his skin like water off a duck’s back. However, despite his arcane and unholy powers, Anamnes is bound to the stronghold. He cannot leave and there are certain orders he cannot disobey. The more John learns about the binding that obliges the fiend to protect and maintain the stronghold, the more the balance of power shifts between them.



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