Athanius Voski

Squire & Lieutenant to Gilwargis


“We don’t need their gratitude. We have our conviction, and that is enough.”

Theme: Russian Orthodox Chant

Life in the courts of the Principalities is a balance between privilege and responsibility. Athanius’ father, Kazimiir Voski, infused his son with the tools, knowledge and mindset needed for a cunning Voski leader. Since he could first stand Athan’s education was second to none. His masters instructed him on the heritage and significance of the bloodline, the role his family played in delivering humanity from base savagery, the high destiny of all their species and the mandate of heaven granted by their psionic abilities. Though Athan was a fast learner, over time he strayed from his studies. Like many noble scions, he favored exploits with his friends over adherence to the boring family duties. Chief among these distractions, Athan loved anything that went fast—money, women, and especially vehicles.

Darting through the heights of Voskdomoy’s skyscrapers, Athan and his circle of sycophants, bored nobles and tougher street mechanics dared each other to more and more dangerous stunts. Perhaps Athan never inherited the raw psionic power of his heritage, but his supernatural resources and slight prescience made him a fantastic racer. At merely 15 Athanius was hustling seasoned street racers and winning favors from other noble youths by pulling off manuevers nobody thought possible.

It was not the patient grooming by his father, nor the leers of the gossips and tabloids of the Voski populace that brought this to an end. Several young racers died in an accident, and though Athanius was unhurt he was not untouched. The experience brought him to a sudden realization of his own mortality and that of others. While he returned to his studies, he remained distracted, and often took detours to survey material of his own choosing.

Athan took a trip to the outskirts of Voski territory, to get away from the memories of the crash and to clear his head. Instead of escaping from death, he arrived in the aftermath of an Ulhar attack. Unable to forget or escape, he searched instead for a solution. Athan never returned to his father. After months of desperate search efforts produced nothing, rumors arose that Athanius was seen traveling with the Red Cross Knights, delivering emergency aid to a settlement raided by renegades. Kazimiir ordered him returned home. When the Voski forces finally caught up with him, he stood his ground and calmly, without rancor, declared himself squire of Gilwargis and knight of the Red Cross.

Kazimiir has disowned him as a traitor to the bloodline, but Athan seems at home and at peace with his new compatriots. His faith in Gilwargis, in the creed of the Knights, and in their cause, is steadfast.


Athanius Voski

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