Boguk Cairnmelter

The Pilgrim's Storykeeper


Theme: Citadel of Secrets, Nox Arcana

The loss of the forge cannot be overstated. To the dwarven people, history—ancestry—is identity. With the tombs of their forefathers taken from them, and the caverns and lands paid for with untold dwarven blood torn away, the dwarves are a people in danger of losing themselves.

Boguk was raised in the memory of the Forge. Many dwarves raised away from the Forge have never even gazed upon it, but as a oathbound keeper of the dwarven heritage, Boguk saw it as his solemn duty to visit the homeworld. He rarely speaks about that mission—the beauty of the homeworld was sullied by the horrors he witnessed there—but it follows him and gives him strength and purpose, where many of his people have none.

It was a strange partnership that brought a storykeeper to work on a pirate ship. Boguk’s tales of honor and stoic determination met jeers and taunts at first, but he persisted and smiled, resilient as stone. In time, the crew took heart in his stories, and worked in time with the deep ebb and flow of Boguk’s voice as surely as they would a war drum.

In truth, Boguk was at a loss for ways to pursue his true dream—the dream of all dwarves—freedom from the Forge, and deliverance from the abhorrent Illithid menace. But the people of Moradin were too scattered and disheartened to challenge the aliens for Home. He chose to travel the worlds, gathering lore and searching for ways to aid the cause. In time, his purpose was only in the background, overshadowed by the needs of whatever mischief the Pilgrims had landed in next.

When Indogalad Fleuris hired the Pilgrims to seek out the legendary Temple of the Feathered Serpent on Verdura, Cairnmelter feared they would unearth a great evil—but hoped also that the power of the temple would guide him towards his dream of liberation. None of them expected John Carmichael—least of all the unsuspecting, unfortunate and not-long-for-the-world serpentfolk.

  • Calls John “Bundusathur”—cloudy-head, for John’s random comments and seemingly flippant attitude towards everything
  • Faithful companion, close friend to John. Has fought beside John on every adventure, including nearly dying in the confrontation with the Night Twist, Coralus
  • Initially hated Boignus (A dwarf with a beard?!?)
  • Was on the Attack on Ashen mission, where John was lost. Bonded with Boignus over their mutual valor and loss.

Strategist – Tragic / Foul-Mouthed / Serious – Dwarf (Bald)

Class: Favored Soul – 5, Stellar Storyteller – 2

Ability Scores Hit Points: 59
Str: 12 + 1 Armor Class: 25
Dex: 12 + 1 Touch: 11 / Flat-Footed: 24
Con: 13 +1 Initiative: +1
Int: 12 +1 Base Attack Bonus: +4
Wis: 16 + 3 Speed: 20ft
Cha: 16 +3

Saves Gold – 500g (way more now)
Fort: 5
Ref: 5
Wil: 10

Weapons Attack Damage Critical
1) 1 Dwarven Waraxe +7 1d122 x3
Lesser Crystal of Illumination – 20 ft radius bright (20 ft radius shadowy) Type: Slashing
2) MW Scattergun +6 Special, 3d6/2d6/1d6 x2
15 ft Cone Spread

Dwarven Storykeeper – 13
(+2 Bonus relating to his culture)
Spacehand – 4

Focus (History)
Heavy Armor Prof
Heavy Armor Opt
BF – Weapon Focus – Waraxe
10/- Energy Resistance – Fire

+1 Plate Armor [Lesser Crystal of Acid Protection – 10/- (50)]
+1 Heavy Steel Shield [Lesser Crystal of Sonic Protection – 10/- (50)]
+1 Amulet of Natural Armor


Spells per Day – 6,7,7,5

Spells Known – 7,6,4,3

0-Level Spells
Cure Minor Wounds
Detect Magic
Purify Food and Drink
Read Magic

1st Level
Cure Light Wounds
Inflict light Wounds
Comprehend Languages
Obscuring Mist

2nd Level
Cure Moderate Wounds
Restoration, lesser

3rd Level
Cure Serious Wounds
Dispel Magic

Boguk Cairnmelter

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