Boignus Khimzabin

Charming and extravagant tradesman; Planeswalker


Dark eyes gleam with barely contained delight from below the rim of a hat that might as well be part of the dwarf. Complete with an extravagantly large and vibrant feather, it is the centerpiece of a bouquet of luxurious and loud apparel. His cloak is trimmed with gold tassels, jewels glitter on every finger, and a gaudy assortment of charms and tokens jingle about his neck. It matches his demeanor—every rapid movement, the drumming of his velvet-gloved fingers and the constant crinkle at the corner of his mouth speaks of maniacal enjoyment. This is a dwarf who drinks in everything life has to offer, and loves surprises.

You suspect he’s going to be very annoying.

Aside from his flamboyant hat and other finery, Boignus seems to have an endless supply of trifles and odd gadgets in the pockets of his tunic. It may have something to do with that fancy belt he wears with such pride. Boignus’ pale skin highlights his impeccably groomed beard and fantastic mustache.

Boignus speaks in a booming, rich accent, magnified through the use of grand gestures and a clear sense of bravado. If the whole world is a stage, this is the dwarf who would steal it.


Not from the sphere of the Pyre does Boignus hail, but from worlds far beyond. John found in him a fellow worldwalker, but where John navigates the deadly web of the infernal network, Boignus finds whatever links and gates others have left and picks their metaphysical locks.

He wears a full beard not in defiance of the fall of the Forge, but because, as he puts it, “It’s a right tragedy, but there’s dwarves out there living a happy life and I mean to celebrate them.” While logical, this may also be simply to protect his magnificent beard.

He makes his living by his wits, tricking and conning his hosts, setting up “investments” where there are none or hunting for treasure—regardless of who currently owns said treasure!

Boignus has spoken of making an interplanetary network for instantaneous travel but seems to lack the power or resources to make it happen.

Boignus Khimzabin

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