Bryce Meyers

"Now listen, Your family wants you home safe, my family wants me home safe, so set the gun down and let's talk about this."


Theme: What Makes a Good Man, by The Heavy

Fidelity Investigations is large enough to boast a STABLE of private eyes, contractors, guns for hire and so forth. You need to uncover a web of lies, get Calliope Edge (if you don’t mind pissing some people off). You need to talk someone down, get Bryce Meyers. A tired looking square-jawed man, Bryce is handy with a gun and knows his way around a crime scene, but his chief talent is talking to people. Especially dangerous people, whether they pose a danger to themselves or others.


Meyers is well known around Fidelity Investigations. He gets the job done, but doesn’t necessarily do this work for the love of it—he does it to save lives and to bring money home to his family. It’s known that Bryce and his wife don’t always see eye to eye, and there’s some old baggage that hounds him. Some of his relations are on a different side of the law than he, and they’d love to have a Fidelity Investigations agent on their roster. Tired but determined, Bryce is often paired with Calliope, to provide a tempering voice as counterpoint to her biting wit.

Bryce Meyers

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