Calliope Edge

"Oh, yeah, the butler did it, never heard THAT before. Pfff. Outta my way, I'm sleuthing here."


Standing at 5’ nothing", this seventeen year old looks entirely out of place in her corner office at Fidelity Investigations. Her attitude and sardonic expression, however, fit right in. Calliope is a prodigy by any definition of the word, putting together clues and unraveling deceit with an effortless air that has earned her both grateful customers and resentful rivals. Pieces of her old school uniform still make up part of her wardrobe, but since she dropped out to become a full time private eye she’s added more practical elements as well. She’s always got a cigarette dangling from her lips and a full pack in her sleeve.


Ignore her grades in school—Ms. Edge lost patience with the local district long ago. Technically she’s a dropout, but the police rarely had any luck catching her when she played hooky. Calliope keeps her home life out of the picture, though it’s suspected she has at least one living parent.

The problem with Calliope Edge is that she is neither fooled nor amused by bullshit. She can see right through any lie and cuts through webs of deception like the gordian knot. Propriety can go suck it. Her dry wit and keen eye rub many the wrong way, but her talents and reputation make the youngest private eye at Fidelity Investigations hard to ignore.

At the moment Calliope isn’t particularly known to carry a weapon, though she’s more than comfortable being unladylike if anyone tries anything funny.

Calliope Edge

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