Captain Domnika Alena

Captain of the Pilgrim's Progress


“Please, darlings, don’t surrender! I’ll let you live, of course, but it’s sooooo boring.”

Theme: El Dorado, by Two Steps from Hell

With a smile like the Pyre flashing off the waves of Quelya, and a glare like the storms only her homeworld can muster, Captain Domnika is possessed of a spirit and ferocity that brings people together around her. It also drives them before her when she’s angry, and she’s frequently angry. This tumultuous combination is her greatest strength and her greatest weakness, and largely narrates the tale of her life.

When asked about her origins, Domnika spins a tale of life on the high seas. She comes from mariner stock, as do so many from Quelya, and though her eyes are on the stars she’s quite proud of her homeworld. Migrating from ship to ship, as a young girl she fell in with pirates (who appreciated her skill with a blade and a silver tongue) and spent a few years buccaneering before her ship was sunk by Akuma, captain of the Iron Embrace. Her talents once again delivered her from disaster—a wealthy merchant prince spared her the noose and offered her a role as a privateer. Akuma did not forgive or forget, however, and continued to hunt her down ever forward. The indomitable bounty hunter’s attentions made it difficult for her to get any work done, and she became increasingly fearful of the Embrace’s outline on the horizon.

While dodging Akuma and infiltrating a rival trade cartel, Domnika came across a newly single Lani Leysimple. Sick of life on Quelya and eager to do something impulsive, the two of them quickly hit it off, and in a drunken rage they signed themselves off to a Spelljamming captain. Soon, the young adventurers were off to the stars.

The Spelljamming life fit both of them well. Lani already had some experience and Domnika adjusted rapidly, turning the sailing prowess of her early life to good use in a new environment. Their captain was an efficient, calculating man, but he had his vices. Domnika only endured his lecherous attentions for a brief period before winning over the crew and abandoning her erstwhile leader on an asteroid in the Chain of Tears. They renamed the ship Pilgrim’s Progress, after some old morality tales Domnika remembered from her earliest days, and with Lani as her loyal helmsling they set off to make a name for themselves between the worlds of the Pyresphere.


Renegade / Ambitious / Angry / Energetic

Class: Swashbuckler – 3, Ranger – 2, Scarlet Corsair – 4

Ability Scores Hit Points: 98
Str: 14 + 2 Armor Class: 18
Dex: 16 + 3 Touch: 13 / Flat-Footed: 15
Con: 14 +2 Initiative: +3
Int: 14 +2 Base Attack Bonus: +9
Wis: 14 + 2 Speed: 30ft
Cha: 18 +4

Saves Gold – 500g (way more now)
Fort: 9
Ref: 13
Wil: 5

Weapons Attack Damage Critical
1) Rapier 1 (Vicious) +14/9 3d6+5 18-20 x2
Lesser Crystal of Life Drinking (3 Health Per Attack) Max:30 Type: Piercing
2) Gunblade +1 +13/
8 1d4+5 18-20 x2
Least Crystal of Light Drinking (+1 Health Per Attack) Max: 10 Type: Piercing/Slashing

Skills Feats
Pirate Captain – 15 Point Blank Shot
Charmer – 16 Rapid Reload
Space Lore – 3 Weapon Focus: Rapier
Stealth – 15 Leadership
Perception – 14 Weapon Finesse
Arcane Stunt (Jump Swift Action 10)
Insightful Strike
Favored Enemy (Arcane +2 damage/Pirate Captain)
Wild Empathy
Combat Style (Two Weapon Fighting)
Scale the Rigging
Gather Crew +2 (Leadership)
Sneak Attack +1d6
Fortune Smiles (
1 Style Dice w/ Donlika)
Mithril Shirt +1

Thief’s Cant

Captain Domnika Alena

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