Son of Malef


Theme Song: Frank Herbert’s Dune Main Theme

In his true form, Daudhir is a juvenile blue dragon—13 feet long, with a 7 foot neck, 11ft tail, measuring 31 feet from tail to horn. Massive frilled ears and a jagged horn are the distinctive signs of his race. However, Daudhir prefers to walk in human guise. He wears the face of a young man, barely in his twenties, with gray hair and permanent scruff. He has a piercing, calm gaze, and wears practical desert gear.


Technically speaking, Daudhir is not of the Ulhar. He has no suzerainty and is completely happy with that—or was, at least, before John Carmichael impersonated him and dragged him into the Ulhar War.

Malef’s son has been content so far to wander the deserts with a hand-picked team of renegades. Compared to the average bloodthirsty band, Daudhir’s band, the Lauthsvent, are elite professionals. His tactics and decisions never lead them wrong, and they are acknowledged and rewarded for participation. Ulhar Suzerains scoff at his leniency towards the munthrek, but this approach works, and Daudhir’s renegades have carved out a comfortable and successful career for themselves.

Daudhir hates Jimbidakimbatul, the young upstart Suzerain attempting to strong-arm his mother into a marriage contract. His raids take very opportunity to hinder Jimbida’s efforts and success. Now that John Carmichael has recruited him into a conspiracy, he sees a new future for him and his mother. It will be a lot easier to run his band of raiders when he has Jimbidakimbatul’s former Suzerain as his base of operations, after all…


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