Doris Hampton

Aspiring starlet


Just another girl trying to make it big in the city. Doris’ manager, Lenard Hall, was exploiting her physically and economically. He’d set her up with a few minor acting roles and she made the most of her living as a lounge singer, but Lenard’s sway over her life was holding her back.

Doris’ luck changed when she was singing at a fancy restaurant. As she hit high notes, every single candle in the restaurant flared up and lit itself. Lenard realized she was gifted with special powers. Soon after, he was contacted by representatives of the mysterious Xorbius Brandt. The good Doctor needed a gifted young person for reasons unexplained. Lenard made a deal that saw Doris brought down to the Bailey Hook docks at random intervals. There, smuggler Saul Henning transported her on a leaky old boat out over the water. Several hours later, she’d return, her memories incomplete.

Doris finally landed a small singing role in Tlacelel vs Amotxtli, a historical epic produced by Duke Studios.

Doris Hampton

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