Traitorous Frost-Giant Jarl


Hmmm. Nan doesn’t like you, scrawny. Gives you a choice. I feed you to Nan, or you get on your knees and convince me otherwise.

Of all the giant kinds on the world of Zelzosh, the Frost Giants have fared worst against the Killing Cold. Not because they cannot endure the blood-freezing winter, but because the Dark Voice suffused their lands before anyone else’s. Most frost giant clans and kingdoms heeded the Voice and wandered off towards the heart, their culture wiped out and their minds gone.

Egolgur’s Jarl tried to protect his clan from the Dark Voice by redoubling their devotion to Kostchtchie, Prince of Wrath. The Jarl dealt out harsh punishments, wary of any sign of mental influence over his clan. Egolgur was the Jarl’s greatest thane, and as the Jarl’s anger and paranoia grew, he failed to praise the deeds of strength Egolgur performed in his name. Egolgur grew angry and bitter and heeded the voice of another—not the Killing Cold, but a mysterious masked sorcerer. Zajat spoke of another way—an ancient and secret fellowship, where deeds and success mattered more than anything else, where Egolgur would receive the praise and recognition he deserved. This convinced Egolgur to betray and murder his Jarl, accusing him of succumbing to the taint he so vehemently fought.

Egolgur’s journey led him to the Sect of the Slumbering Sun. Though his presence is merely tolerated by those of the sect who praise Zarus, Egolgur knows that the true leader, Uslahok, respects and needs Egolgur’s strength. It gives him the patience to endure the idiot zealots around him and wait for the day when all will bow in awe of his strength.


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