Etelvina Maite

"The White Ghost"


In the war for control of Northport’s underworld, there are thugs, there are killers, and then there’s The White Ghost, Mr. Lo’s personal assassin and legend among criminals. It’s whispered that she can kill a man in a locked room with no windows, surrounded by guards, in plain sight. You can trust the rumors, or you can trust her record of confirmed kills.

As it turns out, Etelvina Maite is a far more complicated and well rounded individual than the fearful whispers would have you think. In person she is sophisticated and witty, not to mention fantastically dressed. She displays a level of professionalism uncommon for a contract killer, cheerfully sharing cocktails and mingling with Mr. Lo’s political enemies she’s not been sent after.

It turns out The White Ghost is not only Mr. Lo’s favored killer. He has also tasked her with protecting his greatest treasure and secret—his daughter, Sun Jia. But as she shadows the young girl to protect her from Northport’s mysterious Angel Killer, Etelvina’s fear of her charge grows. Sun Jia may not only be the killer, but far more inhuman than the White Ghost herself.


Etelvina Maite

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