Foster Talon

Gruff investigative reporter & private eye


Theme: The Last Call, Unused Theme

“Can’t trust these organizations. Too much power in too few hands, it always goes crooked. No exceptions.”

There’s the Northport Tribune, there’s Fidelity Investigations—and then there’s Foster Talon. He doesn’t get along with “The establishment”—a term he can’t utter without a growl and a glare. When the Tribune retracted its story about Jasmine Ruiz-Carrington’s ties to the army of the eclipse, he wrote an angry letter about their weakness in the face of financial ruin. The truth is out there, and telling it is worth any price.

Foster does his own investigating, regardless of whether or not he has a case. When he gets a good story he’ll offer to sell it to pay the bills, but not if the publisher tries to softball the scoop. Hard hitting in-your-face journalism or nothing. Similarly, he’ll take cases from clients, and doggedly seeks out the truth. It’s tough to compete with Fidelity Investigations, so the cases Foster takes tends to be those requiring particular discretion.

Some of the big stories Foster is chasing right now include:

  • The Carringtons and their ties to the Army of the Eclipse
  • The mysterious midnight-wing craft seen overhead in Northport
  • “Project Thunderbolt”
  • Omelan spies

Imposing even without his omnipresent trenchcoat and fedora, Foster stands at 6’5" and is large within that frame. His flask of bootlegged alcohol is always secreted on his person, his only solace in the face of conspiracy, greed, lies and deception. Foster is bold in his questioning, rude in his persona, and driven to upend the rocks that hide the crawling secrets of the powerful. This hasn’t made him many friends, or brought him the success of prodigies like Fidelity Investigations’ Calliope Edge. He takes this as a sign of the righteousness of his cause.

Foster Talon

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