Renegade scum


“You look like you just rolled out of Mos Eisley.” “Mos what? Nothin wrong with my eyes! Except the one that’s gone, sure, but screw off anyway.”

Theme: I Hate You

Garrid doesn’t talk much about life before he got in with his crew. He grew up racing through the wastelands and tweaking his ride for any edge he could get. Turns out this made him good at running down convoys and taking their stuff, and it was better living than scratching in the dirt for crops and water. He’d taken several noteworthy marks when the local gang of renegades set a trap for him. Fortunately, they didn’t feel like cutting his ankles and leaving him for the blue burrowers—instead, they offered the poacher a spot on their crew. It was during his years of running raids with the gang that he lost his eye and paid a black market dealer to get some cheap cybernetics implanted.

The job started like any other. One of the signal freakers got a hit on a Coalition channel that showed a big Exarch dig underway. It was right in the middle of a hot zone, but the crew figured they could get in, grab whatever the big shots were gunning for and ditch before anyone got radiation poisoning. When they pulled up a couple of klicks from the site some Principality metal had arrived as well. Whatever was down there must have been pretty valuable.

Garrid was the bastard they sent into the depths to scavenge for good loot while the rest of the crew watched the top. Right about then, everything went to hell. A giant Voski mech tore through the wall and started squishing people, a massive firefight erupted between the Coalition and the Exarchate, and THEN a bunch of Ulhar rolled up. And unfortunately for Garrid, he didn’t find any loot. Instead he found the scariest son of a bitch he’d ever met.

Garrid sneers and spits a lot, and likes the effect his drastic apperance has on normals. He gets a rise out of scaring people and making them uncomfortable, but folds pretty quick if he thinks he might get hurt. The one place Garrid is fearless is at the wheel; his favorite thrill is pushing vehicles to their limits.

  • Driving (Offroad specialist)
  • Renegade (Stealth)


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