The Red Cross Knight


The Red Cross Knight, The North Wind, The Dragon Slayer, The Fearless

Theme: Haven Theme, Heroes of Might & Magic V

In his mighty blade and shield lie the dents and marks of bloody battles. His hair grays, his face is weathered, his knuckles scarred, yet muscles and limbs are strong and limber. Giwargis carries a solemn air about him, and a golden fire within his heart that radiates to everyone nearby. He is humble and confident, dreads nothing, and meets your gaze with a smile.

Of Gilwargis, much is spoken but little known. He leads the Red Cross Knight on their crusade against the Ulhar. His enemies fear him and his followers nearly worship him. By all accounts, Gilwargis has slain more than one Dara in single combat. Legend surrounds him like a royal cloak.

Ulhar underlings whisper that he wears the skin of a red dara, transmuted into platinum armor by terrible alchemy. The Throden-Kothar call him THE NORTH WIND KNIGHT, vassal to hated Bahamut and the only foe who knows their kind. Tales of his deeds are as old as the Ulhar Incursion itself, leading some to question whether Gilwargis is a title or mantle passed from one champion to the next, or if the Red Cross Knight is over a hundred years old.

Better armed, better trained and better organized than the forces of any other faction in the wartorn world of DraGun, Gilwargis’ freedom fighters are above all else loyal, loyal unto death.



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