Big Green Dragon


Like many dragons, Irthocasein craves dominance as much as he craves treasure. He rules a small kingdom of his own on the borders of House Fleuris on Perianth, where birds, beasts and all manner of creatures have sworn fealty to him in exchange for their continued survival. Using his knowledge of Benthazel’s song to protect himself from the deadly power of the Night Twist, Irthocasein placed himself as a protector and master of a domain too dangerous for others to rule.

John approached Irthocasein as a petitioner, seeking Benthazel’s location as well as an alliance of convenience. In the hidden underground chambers of the dragon he confronted Xunyl, who was already seeking the same information. John wrested the political balance from her by obliterating Xunyl’s lieutenant with a display of modern weaponry from his homeworld. Delighted, Irthocasein banished the rebuked drow and accepted John’s terms of alliance.



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