Jasmine Ruiz-Carrington

Wealthy socialite


Jasmine Ruiz married Augustine Carrington, heir to Aloysius Carrington’s overseas investment empire. Augustine was an industrialist who built up much of Northport’s current industry and infrastructure, but he went missing on an overseas expedition. While rumor put the blame on Jasmine, whose family consisted of wealthy half-zoquian ranchers, she was home in Northport when the accident occurred. Her mourning period lasted over a year, and when their son Philllip came of age, she left her husband’s estate to live in a Newton penthouse. Rumor is conflicted on whether she left because she cares so little for her husband’s legacy, or too much.

Jasmine is quite busy on the town, frequenting exclusive social events, venue openings, charity balls, galas, and other high society events. She makes appearances at the old-money gatherings but prefers to mingle with the “new money” crowd—inventors, movie stars and producers, and other entrepreneurs whose wealth comes from new industries and developments.

Her son Phillip is famed throughout Northport as a brilliant young architect and Charisma magazine’s most handsome man in Northport in three separate years (with some competition from noteworthy movie stars). Phillip and his mother are close, spending a fair amount of time together. Most of these visits occur when Jasmine arrives at Tomorrow Town, Phillips’ brainchild new district designed to revitalize Bouchard. Jasmine frequently walks the under construction area with Phillip, going over the blueprints and arguing about tiny details.

Ever since the bombing of Mercury City Hospital, Jasmine Ruiz-Carrington’s lawyers have been busy. An investigative reporter for the Northport Tribune, writing anonymously, identified Jasmine as a member of the Army of the Eclipse—the secret society responsible for the bombing. The Commonwealth Investigative Department claims that the organization was wiped out in a raid, but accusations and rumors have swirled ever since. Jasmine aggressively sued the Tribune for libel and forced them to retract their statement. However, since then Jasmine’s shadow has grown longer. Movers and shakers whisper behind their hands when Jasmine enters the room, and working folk in the city peep out their windows to get a glimpse of her as she passes. The Carrington family’s reputation for mysticism and secrecy has not helped. Jasmine deflects comments and questions with a smile and a witty quip. In person, however, she reacts with obscenities and impatience.

Jasmine Ruiz-Carrington

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