Leucetius Segomo

Commonwealth Army General


Theme: Helvegen, by Wardruna

General Segomo is not the most well known of the Commonwealth’s military leaders. He is calm and quiet, saving his words for maximum impact. The missions and projects to which General Segomo are assigned are almost always classified. In person he is polite, precise, and confident.

During the Great Conflict, Leucetius Segomo rose from relative obscurity to hushed success. Rumors put him at the head of several incredibly risky but devastating strategies that made the Commonwealth’s entry into the conflict decisive. His teachings on the art of war have made their way into the military academies of nations across the world.

Outside of that, little is known about the General. He is the Commonwealth’s secret weapon, kept in the shadows to keep its enemies guessing.

Only two things are certain about the general: He is in charge of Fort Fitzgerald’s Special Projects Pavilion, and he is a major advocate for war against the Omelan Front.


Leucetius Segomo

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