Medwethyn Lithdiir

Spell caster from Perianth


Theme music: The Mystic’s Dream

Grey elf wizard. Specialties include divination and illusion. Known user of mordayn vapor. Friend to John Carmichael. May possess strange mental magic (Oneiromancy?)


To seek power in the court of Fleuris is a path through a twisting wood. Mastery of an art is enough to earn renown—great painters, sculptors, authors and singers have won fame and respect through performance and demonstration. The elves delight in beauty and skill and hold them as valuable as high as sheer power.

So came Medwethyn Liithdiir to the rumor-hushed city of Fleuris, from the hidden vales of the Grey Elves. Few are her kind in the cities of the High Elves, or the woodland villages of the forest elves. The name of Liithdiir was welcomed with dignity, and after accepting the hospitality of the ruling family she settled in to make a name and place for herself.

Medwethyn is a purveyor of mystery. She wears it like a cloak, unapproachable, unknowable, yet alluring. Her every gesture draws subtle attention and raises questions. When the whole room is stealing glances at her, wondering who she is, where she came from, what she’s like, she counts herself successful.

But much of this air is rightfully earned. Aside from keeping company with prestigious, scandalous and entertaining individuals, Medwethyn’s mastery of the art of illusion is prodigious. At formal court functions and exclusive parties, she entertains guests with visions of captivating beauty. She keeps her words sparse and cryptic, maintaining the air of intrigue that surrounds her. And she brings with her a rare magic from the cloisters of the Grey Elves—Oneiromancy, the magic of the Dream World. Her arrival corresponds with the increased popularity of the Mordayn Vapor drug, and she is considered an expert in its use and acquisition.

Her exercise in fame-seeking struck a strange course when The Wanderer came to the Court of Fleuris. The arrival of Pilgrim’s Progress was a curiousity for most of the courtiers of Fleuris, and an opportunity for some. The stranger John Carmichael formed a strong and instant bond with the ruling family, even its myth-shrouded king, Indogalad. Medwethyn was curious about the stranger—his aura flickered with a thousand colors and his eyes betrayed a man who had seen wonders and horrors beyond even the lives of the nigh-immortal elves.

Her friend Marikoth A’Fleuris quickly took the opportunity to invite Carmichael to one of his exclusive parties, late after the grand feast, and Medwethyn deigned to make an appearance. Confronted by the polite and friendly condescension of the elves, John did the unimaginable—he drank the deadly Mordayn tea. Impossibly, his body survived the wracking venom, but the experience plunged his mind into a dreamscape of incredible potency—and Medwethyn was dragged with him.

Together, they saw the accursed cavern cities of the Drow, banished to the cold Spider Moon thousands of years ago. They watched as a shrouded figure—an Illithid—handed the stars themselves to the blood-hungry leaders of the Drow. All the hosts of the dark elves raised their weapons and screamed for vengeance as a single voice, and violet fire poured out across the worlds.

Medwethyn and John emerged from their vision shaken and inextricably drawn together. She knew that this dream was a warning of things to come. Now she had a greater purpose, an important role to play in events to come. Not only was this a new direction for her life to take, it was also an immediate path to increasing her esteem and importance in the court of Fleuris.

Knowing the role that the Wanderer was to play in events to come, Medwethyn began teaching him the mystical arts of Dream Magic. She also stayed close to him, both to take advantage of his rise to power and to safeguard the fate of the worlds.

When the expedition to Ashen began, Medwethyn foresaw events of grave importance and went with the Pilgrims. In the midst of a desert storm, John Carmichael subdued a blue dragon, and did the unthinkable—he poisoned it with a massive dose of Mordayn and invaded the roiling Dreamscape the toxin created, completely rewriting the dragon’s personality. After a moment’s hesitation at John’s horrific decision, Medwethyn chose to aid him. This created the personality known as Haura, John’s new apprentice. Medwethyn harbors doubts about the choice to damage a mind that way, but chose John’s vision of the future instead.

John Carmichael vanished in the cataclysm beneath the City of Spires. Ever since, Medwethyn has served as an advisor to King Indogalad. While the rest of the Pilgrims mourn his lost, she searches the depths of Dream for a sign that the Wanderer lives.

Medwethyn Lithdiir

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