Miareth Lyclen

Handmaiden of Adthea


Theme: Beneath the Ice, Two Steps from Hell

“Gracious guests, the Lady Fleuris sends her blessings. She also wants to know what is going on with that hat, whether you actually think it makes you more imposing, and if she can try it on.”

The elves of Perianth are divided not only by house, but by heritage. Miareth Lyclen’s family lives in the lower reaches of the capital city of Fleuris, and they have the green blood in them. All her life Miareth has lived in the trees, rarely if ever touching the floor of the vast forest. Her childhood friend in all of her explorations was the half-elf Mali Lyclen, who was recognized and accepted into House Lyclen, vassal to Fleuris. Miareth’s passion was for discovering secret places and hidden vistas—springs that hadn’t been touched by sun in years, fairy circles, hiding caves between the roots of ancient trees. Mali wanted to move on and find the next, but Miareth always savored the time she could spend in quiet solitude. She always attributed Mali’s eagerness to her human ancestry, but saw it as a beautiful thing, not an annoyance.

In the years since Mali departed her homeworld, Miareth continued practicing small amounts of magic and honing her knack for finding—and keeping—secrets. It is likely that the second of these traits played a part when Adthea Fleuris chose Miareth to serve as her handmaiden. In a society so enamored with individuality and freedom, the royal envoy insisted that Miareth was in no way obliged—it would merely delight the princess to have the company and wisdom of a playmate such as herself. And like so many other things in a society so wrapped in deception and hidden meanings, the invitation was far more than a gentle, open offer. Miareth’s life in the eternal night of the lower trunks ended, and she began a new one, surrounded by the splendor and secrets of House Fleuris.

Time and experience have changed Miareth. Where once she smiled readily and laughed softly at everything, now her smile is to hide and conceal. The hidden places of beauty she sought as a child have been replaced withh secret whispers exchanged with her mistress, and sights she pretends to never have seen. Through all the wealth, power, and delights inherent in the role of Handmaiden, there are costs, and they are evident to those who’ve known her since she was young.

Miareth has a fountain of tousled brown hair and piercing, almost red eyes. Though soft spoken and withdrawn, she has a presence like mist in a moonlit meadow—inspiring silence and anticipation. Her eyes usually remain low and unassuming—when raised to meet those of another, they kindle secret fires, shared only with the onlooker.

She wears an enchanted brooch in the golden flower symbol of house Fleuris, and changes her outfit as befits one in such an exalted role as handmaiden to the princess. A pin emblazoned with the same symbol of Fleuris helps keep her hair both in check and arranged in whatever fashion best upholds her status without overshadowing the princess.

Miareth seems rather fascinated with John Carmichael.


divination, enchantment, abjuration

Miareth Lyclen

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