Nizar Kamil

Janni dervish dancer; Attracted to Captain Domnika


HAH! Forgive me, little man, my hearing betrays me. I thought I heard you besmirching my honor, but clearly you are dull witted—not suicidal.”

The Janni of Ashen are exiles, wandering the deserts for generation upon generation—and with their long lifespans, their memory goes back centuries. They have become treasure hunting nomads, familiar with the shifting sands of the planet. The wise among them recount the tiems when they wandered the Inner Planes, trading with the rest of Genie Kind. While they yearn to reclaim the Fire Gates and return to that lifestyle, few harbor any true hope of leaving Ashen.

Nizar is one such Janni. A strong, boisterous genie with a booming laugh, Nizar is foremost amongst the warriors of his tribe. When Pilgrim’s Progress came to their tribe, the elders foretold a dark fate for Carmichael the Wanderer. Nizar set his eyes instead on the strong leader of the group, Captain Domnika Alena. The two hit it off and Nizar helped them on their journey into the City of Spires.

When the quest ended in tragedy, Nizar chose to join the pilgrims and left behind the world where he was born, eager to explore the rest the universe has to offer. His pride and temper frequently get him into trouble, but it is trouble he shares with the fiery captain.


Nizar Kamil

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