Phillip Carrington

Northport's brightest young architect


Philip Carrington arrived on the social scene of Northport as a relative outsider. Educated overseas at the best Old World universities money could provide, here was a young man with the charm and sophistication of an old money family, but with the energy and defiance of the new rich. Phillip took Northport by storm. He’s only been back for two years and he’s already designed several of the biggest new projects in the city. His real passion is for Tomorrow Town, a futuristic new finance district intended to be the new center of commerce. Phillip declares with casual zeal that Tomorrow Town will revolutionize how Commonwealth urbanites live, work, and relax. He also eagerly lays out how the development will revitalize the Bouchard district, bringing more jobs and better quality living to everyone there.

Phillip has a lot of admirers, but his quick temper earns him detractors as well. So far his fans far outnumber his enemies. Phillip is also notedly generous, donating large sums from his successful business ventures to various charities, including the Mercury Hospital Memorial Fund.

Little is known about Phillip’s education or activities prior to arriving in the Commonwealth. He plays up a sense of mystery to add to his appeal. While hugely flirtatious, no dalliances or involvements have yet to be confirmed. He is not shy about talking to the press, though he tries to remain somewhat unreachable to maintain his reputation.

Phillip’s mother, Jasmine, and his father, Aloysius, visit the work site frequently, where they provide insight into his designs. Frequent change orders are annoying the massive workforce building the skyscrapers. Rumor holds that the changes have to do with mystical alignment. Some claim that the teachings of distant lands guide the Carrington family’s hand, and they’re just trying to bring their development as much luck and good fortune. Others mutter that the design has a darker purpose, and allude to Jasmine’s reputation as a supposed member of the Army of the Eclipse.

Phillip Carrington

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