Rasmus Briar

"Luke Skywalker kid looking to join the Coalition" - Teen Angst


Foible: Naive.
Fortes: Driver (Good +2; Tool: Motorbikes), Soldier (Good +2; Foe: Renegades)


“Did you hear about Colby? He was standing outside when renegades hit the farm. They dragged him behind their ride by a steel cable and left a big ole blood smear. He was 13. There’s no such thing as too young to go fight anymore.”

Nobody goes unaffected by the depredations of the Ulhar. In Rasmus’ home territory of Adnarn, raiders and refugees from conquered provinces strain and erode the livelihoods of the people. Every time a Dara overlord decides to capture another settlement, it creates a flood of terrified, hungry people, with the con artists and renegades who inevitably follow them.

Such places make ripe recruiting grounds for the Coalition. At least they’re trying to do something about it—bringing order to areas wracked with anarchy. Rasmus is a young boy of only 16, but after hearing of Edwin Shel’s air victory over an Ulhar tribute army, he decided he was done waiting for the next band of brigands to come calling. He took his family’s rifle and his motorbike and left to join the army.

Rasmus Briar

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