Started out as SlugSlayer, a bugbear on Zelzosh. He was a member of a vast goblinoid group struggling to survive in the ruins of Zelzosh. He found the soul of Raxas, who originally caused the catastrophe and was initiated into HADES lore. There was a group of humans on that world who were struggling to get into HADES lore, but were missing something.

That group was led by {EVIL DUDE} who came up with a secret that would allow someone to enter the mirror plane and bring knowledge that could not be duplicated by the mirror doubles. They had a secret base on the mirror plane where they did arcane experiments. When Slugslayer met them with the lich’s spirit in his freaking pocket they brought him in but did not induct him to the mirror secret dimension of mirror awesomeness.

Eventually Slugslayer came into conflict with Spugkadstuk when the blue discovered his treachery. During the confrontation, Spugkadstuk used his psionic powers to hurl Slugslayer into the mirror plane. Slugslayer was killed by his mirror clone. However, before he could return to Zelzosh, he was ambushed by his erstwhile Hadesian comrades, who captured the mirror clone and performed hideous experiments upon it.

As a consequence of these experiments, unique psionic powers linked to the four faces of fear emerged in Ustastrum. He used those powers to hunt down and batman-kill the shit out of a few of them. He escaped and rejoined Spugkadstuk.


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