Carmichael Chronicles

The Story So Far
Or, how everything went absolutely to hell

There and Back Again… A Wizard’s Tale, By John Carmichael

Is what I’d like to title this; Unfortunately, I have no idea where I am or any idea of how to get ‘back again.’ Well, that isn’t entirely true, I know exactly where I am, which is to say, in my “private” quarters aboard the spell jammer, Pilgrim’s Progress. And by private I mean the corner bunk of the officer’s cabin with my sheet tacked up around me like a child’s fort. But that’s neither here no there, the significance of my predicament still stands: I’m misplaced in time and space, forced astray among the stars, and all but lost to my companions at the bureau. Hmph…Fly you fool.

It’s difficult deciding just where to begin…should I start by recounting my childhood, growing up dockside

More thoughts from John coming soon…


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