Aillen's Bane

Then Finn rose up before all the men of Ireland, and he made a round of the whole of Teamhair. And it was not long till he heard the sorrowful music, and he stripped the covering from the head of the spear, and he held the power of it to his forehead. And Aillen went on playing his little harp, till he had put every one in their sleep as he was used; and then he let a flame of fire out from his mouth to burn Teamhair. And Finn held up his fringed crimson cloak against the flame, and it fell down through the air and went into the ground, bringing the four-folded cloak with it deep into the earth.
And when Aillen saw his spells were destroyed, he went back to Sidhe Finnachaidh on the top of Slieve Fuad; but Finn followed after him there, and as Aillen was going in at the door he made a cast of the spear that went through his heart. And he struck his head off then, and brought it back to Teamhair, and fixed it on a crooked pole and left it there till the rising of the sun over the heights and invers of the country.

+ 2 Revolver, Outsider’s Bane, Fey Bane 2d6+2 x2 range 40 ft Piercing

Can be used to fire “Spellshot”

Grabbing the handle grants a +2 bonus on will saves

Familiar: Having Aillen’s Bane on your personal grants a +1 bonus on all saves and spell DCs; Alterness Bonus Feat

12 charges per day: 1 charge per use of an effect

Warp Spasm – (+2 spell DC’s, +2 to hit, +1 AC, mobility, shot on the run, +10 move feet)

Freedom – Bring gun to head (Immunity to mind-effecting abilities)

Slaying Shot – (+4 to hit and damage a spell casting creature, demon, or fey; eliminates one of their spell slots and 1d4 damage/level of spell; -2 enemy’s SR)

Known by John Carmichale as “Crann Taca”.

Aillen's Bane

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