“I will try to explain why it is your place to be ruled, munthrek. Look at my nest. Every coin of gold and goblet of silver was wrenched from the ground by my subjects, smelted to meet my tastes. You see this, and think of all the machines you could build, all the wealth you could purchase, the power you could wield. You think only of DOING and BUILDING. It is hardly a pile of wasted wealth—it. is. mine. THAT is its purpose. There will NEVER be enough. So it is with your kind. You, too, are mine. And I will take as many of you as I can, and I will never have enough.”



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  • Type: Material
  • Gravity: Normal
  • Time: Special
  • Size: Unknown
  • Morphic: Alterable
  • Energy/Elemental Traits: None (specific localities may vary)
  • Alignment: Mildly neutral
  • Magic: Normal
  • Technology: Progress level 5-7

Two hundred years ago, researchers on a world in the most distant arm of a strange galaxy parted the veil of time and space, and took a step beyond it. Two hundred years for them—ten millenia for the rest of the Multiverse. When time came rushing back to DraGun, the interstellar civilization that sent them to this planet was long gone, the stars were strange, and a horde of draconic soldiers erupted from the heart of their civilization.

Unfamiliar with dragons and the arcane, the time-stranded researchers collapsed into fragmented societies, and the blue dragons of Ashen established the Ulhar Protectorate. DraGun is a world torn apart by war, where magic and technology struggle to adapt to each other.

The Coalition

A military alliance between otherwise independent factions. All the little neutral groups that haven’t been annexed by the Ulhar, converted by the Exarchate or conquered by the Principalities assemble to combine their strength. Coalition culture and forces are quite varied. Of the factions, they are the least advanced, but the most numerous.

Coalition authority is strict, and many settlements are under martial law.

Notable Figures:

The Principalities

Three psionic family lines became ruling dynasties in the wake of the Ulhar invasion. Principality culture diverges based on each of the three princes—Voski, {scene missing} and {wat.} They see humanity as a chosen people, destined to overcome the Ulhar. Psionics are of great cultural significance. Principality tactics emphasizes elite units—heroes and Knights, often using mecha.

Notable Figures:

  • Kazimiir Voski, brother of the Prince, calculating politician, secret organizer of the Alliance.
  • Athanius Voski, son of Kazimiir, defector from House Voski to the Red Cross Knights.

The Exarchate

Logic, technology and philosophy rule the culture of the Exarchate. It resembles a theocracy, each province ruled by an Exarch, all under the wise guidance of the Patriarch. Exarchate doctrine states that the mistakes of the past must be analyzed to correct the future. Of all the factions, the Exarchate has the best technology. They also have a habit of forcibly persuading neutral settlements to convert to their way of life.

Notable Figures

  • Manda, Defector to the Red Cross Knights.
  • Justiciar, a zealous agent of the Exarchate, who crossed paths with John before allying.
  • The Patriarch, an aggregate computer program in charge of leading the Exarchate. The former Patriarch was corrupted by Vignar technomagic, and John had to mercykill it. The new Patriarch is sympathetic to the goals of the Alliance.
  • Rinn, Apostate of the Exarchate. Rebel who opposes Exarchate conformity.

The Ulhar

After invading the world of DraGun, the blue dragon suzerains realized how dangerous their tech-armed enemies were. An unsteady alliance under the High Suzerain formed—the Ulhar Protectorate—to “Guide the wayward race of man with our wisdom and strength of will.” To be called an Ulhar, you must be a blue dragon (often in human form to better rule their subjects), but Ulhar forces include human soldiers, bluespawn lizards that serve as mounts/energy sources/heavy weapons platforms, mechas, drones, and the terrible godslayers.

Notable Figures

  • Malef, Suzerain of the border regions and Alliance conspirator.
  • Daudhir, son of Malef, leader of an elite band of desert raiders.
  • Jimbidakimbatuul, arrogant young Suzerain, rival of Malef, disgraced after the Battle of Voskii Mountain.
  • Lothaenorixius, Grand Suzerain of the Ulhar.


  • The Vignar An assassin-cult formerly dedicated to Falazure, the Night Dragon. Their leader Dreargakaduayarte was vanquished by John Carmichael and transformed into a guardian. John then used Dreagak’s identity to trick the Vignar into becoming Watchers of Chronepsis, causing them to utterly vanish from the political landscape.
  • The Throden-Kother: Aggressive political party within the Ulhar. Consists of Tiamat worshippers who urge the rest of the Ulhar to wage eternal war on the humans until all are conquered. Trundrachanderion was an outspoken leader amongst their ranks, before falling to Athanius Voski in battle. They send the assassins Hakortu, Hmeldr, Hatthm and Hakorcazglrtun to slay the Voski Seers and capture the Red Kiss, but they were thwarted.

The Red-Cross Knights

A resistance movement organized by the mysterious Giwargis. Composed of recruits from every other faction. While too small to count as a full nation, the Red Cross Knights are highly mobile, well-equipped, disciplined and loyal unto death. They strike across the planet against Ulhar interests, providing humanitarian assistance to civilians all the way.

Notable Figures

  • Giwargis, founder and leader. Believed slain in battle.
  • Athanius Voski, Gilwargis’ squire and apparent new leader.
  • Manda, armsmaster.


As befits a world wracked with war and divided into untrusting settlements, bands of renegades roam the wilds and pray along the borders. They usually have hideouts and enough vehicles to raid effectively.

Notable Figures

  • Daudhir, leader of an Ulhar affiliated elite band of raiders.
  • Garrit, former Renegade Scum, shanghaied by John Carmichael. Now rides with Daudhir.
  • Rinn, Digital Rebel and leader of a group of apostate Exarchs.


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