Infernal Stronghold


Infernal Stronghold

  • Type: Unknown
  • Gravity: Normal
  • Time: Normal
  • Size: Unknown
  • Morphic: Alterable
  • Energy/Elemental Traits: None
  • Alignment: Mildly evil
  • Magic: Impeded (Good), Enhanced (Evil)
  • Technology: Progress level 2-3

Theme: Ebla, by E.S. Posthumus

Shrouded by an endless storm of magical fury, the Infernal Stronghold is an obsidian labyrinth and hidden vaults. There are magical traps everywhere—one of the worst is the pillar of three dragon skulls, each of which will pluck your heart from your chest and leave it smoking in the bony jaws, should you only gaze into their eyes. Other traps scorch the area with hellfire, liquify bones, twist the mind, conjure guardian fiends, and many other horrors.

Though he’s never seen what lies beyond the stronghold, John knows many of its passageways and has found numerous portals to other worlds. It is through such a portal that John first came to the stronghold, fleeing the wrath of Varin in the haunted city of Fane. Each portal is protected by wards and encrypted with keys and opening conditions, making the use of the Stronghold as a nexus extremely difficult.

To provide absolutely no assistance in this endeavor, John has the Infernal Castellan, Anamnes. Outside of this jackal-headed fiend, the stronghold appears to be abandoned. Enslaved by powerful binding magic, the Castellan spends his days maintaining the libraries and seeing to the well being of the silent fortress. His only source of entertainment is insulting and criticizing John Carmichael’s efforts with a caustically witty tongue. No one knows more about the inner workings and secrets of the stronghold, but Anamnes is little inclined—or perhaps not permitted—to reveal them.

John Carmichael passes through this place while seeking new ways to protect his burden from its former master. Though he finds magic, knowledge, and possibilities within it, a dark will seeks ever to subvert his efforts. He is on hostile ground, and ever aware.

Infernal Stronghold

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