MIrror Plane


Plane of Mirrors

  • Type: Transitive
  • Gravity: Normal
  • Time: Static-Normal
  • Size: Infinite (divided into constellations)
  • Morphic: Static
  • Energy/Elemental Traits: None
  • Alignment: None
  • Magic: Normal
  • Technology: N/A

The Plane of Mirrors is a transitive plane that exists in the space behind reflective surfaces. it is unique in that each mirror is connected to a number of other mirrors in the omniverse. Therefore the Plane of Mirrors presents one of many “backdoors” allowing one to reach normally inaccessible places, or to enter places otherwise sealed against planar intrusion. There are also entire worlds that exist wholly within the Plane of Mirrors, and layers of the plane that mortal minds cannot comprehend.

Mirror Travel is incredibly dangerous, however—Non-natives who enter the Plane of Mirrors face a significant drawback to this mode of travel. When they enter, a mirror version of the traveler is created somewhere else on the plane. The mirror-self is identical to the intruder in most respects except its alignment is the opposite of its counterpart (a neutral character spawns a neutral mirror-self; a chaotic good character spawns a lawful evil mirror-self), its handedness is reversed, the mirror-self is considered to be of the “outsider” type, and the mirror-self can see in the dark, whether or not the original could. If the original has a mirror in his or her possession, this is not duplicated, but other equipment is. The mirror-self is aware of the location of the original at all times, although the reverse is not true. The mirror-self is consumed with the desire to slay its original, then exit the portal from which the original came and take over its victim’s life.

Natives of the plane are poorly understood, but largely alien and often hostile.

If all the mirrors in a given constellation are shattered, it is unknown what happens to the extraplanar space within that constellation.

MIrror Plane

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