The Briefcase

John’s briefcase is at all times locked and warded by magical means. The defenses tend to change from time to time, as do the passwords, but there are always at least 5 different protection spells upon it at any given time.

Handle – (Drown) (Juliet)
Latch 1 – Fireball (Oscar)
Latch 2 – Fireball (Hotel)
Front Side – Shadow Binding (November)
Back Side – Web (Charlie)
Lock – Scorching Ray (Mike)

Business Outfit, Special x2
Casual Outfit, Special x3
Pirate Outfit, Special
Halfling (rape) Outfit
Lordly Raiment of Fleuris (mild glamoure)
Agent Seekers Outfit, Special* (Equipped)

Lock Gun
Smart Phone (Equipped)
Deluxe Evidence Kit
Spell Book
Aluminum travel case
Rope – modern (50 ft)
Handcuffs x3 (1 Equipped)
Duct tape x2 (1 Equipped)
Bolt cutter

Plot appropriate amount of bullets
Speed loader x8 (with bullets)
Briefcase (filled with caltrops)
Spike strip (for cars)
HK G3 x2 (2d10, crit 20, 90 ft, 20 box, large, 11lb.)
Ammo for HK G3 x16 clips
Various weapons accumulated from travels

Acid x5
Alchemist Fire x5
Thunder Stone x5
Smoke grenade x3
Thermite grenade x4
White phosphorus grenade x4
Dynamite x33 (X4)

Spellshot Bullets (On John’s Person)
2)Dispel Magic
3)Scorching Ray
5)Black Tentacles
6)Evil Eye

Potion of Dark Vision (Equipped)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Hide from Animals
Potion of Res (Electricity 10/-)
Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds x3 (2 Equipped)
Potion of Blur (Equipped) (Equipped)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (Equipped)

Scroll of Haste (Equipped)
Scroll of Confusion
Scrolls of Fireball x2
Scroll of Web

Vial of Mucus x1* (1 is with King Leer)
Black Pearl x1* (1 is with King Leer and 1 is with Tenkoble)
Piece of the Shipwrecked Throne* (Is in Akuma’s Procession)
Corylus (Perianth Night Twist) : Limb x1, Bundle of Branches, Bundle of Sticks, Bark – lots, Sap -lots, Roots – lot (-1 stick, bark, sap, root)
Cards of Illusion – Seven of Wands – Fire Elemental (Medium), Empress 3 – Fire Elemental (Elder), Knight of Swords – Planetar Angel, Two of Disks – Mirror (of self), King of Swords – Babau Demon, Four of Disks – Earth Elemental (Medium)

Shards of Ulzhul’s Swords (8 remaining, 5 hidden and sealed)
Pieces of Ulzhul’s Armor (7 remaining, 6* hidden and sealed)

Dartak’s Helmet (Given to Daudhir)
Ulhar Solider gear
Ulhar Commander gear
Ulhar Weaponry (various)
Voski Townspeople clothes (male and female)
Voski Soldier gear
Voski Weaponry (various)

+2 research checks, holographic display, infinite storage, +4 on linguist checks and automatic translations if it knows it, system smoker, system smoker, +2 computer use.

Samples from Dartak
Samples from Vignar Assassin
Samples from Ulhar Soliders
Samples from Frontier Town Security Chief
Samples from Voski Frontier Townspeople
Samples from Voski Frontier Soliders
Samples from Blue Dragonspawn Storm Lizards

The Briefcase

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