The multiverse is vast—beyond vast, encompassing cosmologies and universes untold. Paths between universes are normally rare, and of the infinite life forms inhabiting those cosmos, only the tiniest fraction will leave their plane of existence for another.

One infamous group of wanderers was the Infernal Alliance, a league of evildoers that spanned the multiverse. From their Obsidian Fortress they sought out villains worthy of their sponsorship, connecting many lairs and strongholds to a vast network of portals.

A generation ago, a catastrophe destroyed the world of the Obsidian Fortress, casting it between worlds and disrupting the portals that once bound these villains together. The Alliance collapsed. However, the abandoned stronghold still exists, and still contains countless gateways to worlds touched by the Alliance’s evil.

John Carmichael stumbled across this dark nexus and left his old life behind, driven across the many worlds in a desperate quest to stop the Alliance’s masters from returning. But he has yet to even scrape the surface of the endless worlds—horror, and adventure, wait at every turn.

Carmichael Chronicles

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