Indogalad Fleuris

King of House Fleuris of Perianth


Welcome, sun-caressed friends, to our twilit home! The salt kiss of the seas of Quelya is sweet delight on our lips. Taste the fruits of the boughs of Perianth. Dance in the circles of our groves. All the joys of our home, we bear before you. Take them, and be merry.

Theme: O Thanagor, World of Warcraft soundtrack

As befits a house with a reputation like Fleuris, King Indogalad wears both grace and mystery around his shoulders. His smile seems to emanate from his eyes, barely touching his lips, and his ready laugh echoes across rooms like a bell across ice caverns. Blue and white robes are his formal garb, but every occasion calls for different trappings, and in accordance with the customs of the elves he seems to have a new ceremonial garment each time you see him.

Rising to an unusually tall height for an elf, the King of Fleuris has immaculately combed white-gold hair—like all of his line—and amber eyes. Most of the time—there are rumors that Indogalad employs colored lenses or a minor cantrip to change the hue of his eyes, adding to the mystery surrounding his family. Indeed, they always seem to gaze past what lies before him, as though it were a mirage. He cares little for the scandals and gossip that engulfs House Fleuris, though he seems adept enough at profiting from them. Inscribed upon his brow is an ancient rune—the symbol of his family in the elder elven script, more abstract than the golden flower now adopted as the Fleuris crest.

It is a testament to the long lives and ample time of the elves that Indogalad has risen to such mastery of arcane power. Guests marvel at how he finds time to study the arts of wizardry when he seems constantly at the center of a feast. An impeccable, gracious and seductive host, no one ever need ask if Indogalad is a powerful elf. They need only meet him to see it dripping from his hands.


Indogalad Fleuris

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