Immoth Guardian of Knowledge


Now I have your words. Together, we can spin them into the weft of knowledge. Or, I can turn them and unmake you. Choose.

The Immoths of the Mountain of Ultimate Winter came to Zelzosh long ago. They learned of the sorcerer Rahas, who brought the Killing Cold upon the world, and curiosity did the rest. Since then, some have returned, some have remained, and some have heard the whispers of the Glacier Heart, wandering off to leave printless paths to the source of the madness.

Tesh-Xi watched three Immoths heed the call. He observed them as the whispers took hold in their minds, studied their growing obsession with an image they could almost make up in the snow. He learned much from their descent and eventual departure—enough to invoke the faintest outlines of the Nameless Shape in his own thoughts. But Tesh-Xi’s curiosity does not extend to the true form of the Nameless Shape, only to its power over minds. Perhaps he can learn from its techniques, for it must be a mighty power indeed to bend even the icy will of his people.

Unlike most Immoths, Tesh-Xi periodically shaves the icicles that form as a beard on his chin. He finds the process pleasing and methodical, and sees no reason to justify it further.



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