For generations, sentient races gave little thought to what lay “out there.” Each race believed its planet unique among creation, and regarded the starry void as merely a backdrop.

Most believe today that the elves were the first to develop true spelljamming technology—that theirs were the first ships to ply the spaceways. Indeed, Quelyan history still remembers the first meeting between elven scouts and the human/halfling civilization of that watery world. Within a generation, ships had visited every planet in the system, from the barren Ashen to Moradin’s forge, and every race realized that they were not unique among the universe, but interlinked with other races and cultures as never before dreamed.

Today, crews of every civilized race fill the spelljamming vessels flying between worlds. But this intermingling has not brought peace; rather, it has exposed these peoples to new evils beyond imagining…


Primordial Era

  • Creation of Pyre and subsequent planets.
  • Planets become habitable.
  • Aboleth Civilization exists on Quelya.
  • Aboleth Civilization eventually fades for unknown reasons.
  • Dragon Graveyard on Vorel established.

Pre Spelljamming Era

  • Mortal civilizations exist, no spelljamming (Dwarves & Orcs in the Forge, Gnomes on their unknown homeworld, elves on perianth, halflings & sahuagin on quelya, various nonhuman species on Verdura, Janni & dragons on Vorel)
  • Before Spelljamming: Dimensional portal from Dragun opens on Vorel. Humans colonize Vorel.
  • Humans create Marru, genetically engineered servitor species.
  • Time Crisis erupts, separating Vorel from Dragun.
  • War breaks out on Vorel. Marru eventually turn against the humans. Nuclear devastation ruins Vorel’s environment. Ulhar dragons invade to seize the Dimensional Portal, fleeing Vorel. Humans eventually send out three colony ships to get survivors off-world. Humans are wiped out, Marru and their sub servitor races exist in state of decay and war.
  • One colony ship crashes on Quelya. Another crashes on Verdura. The third heads off into parts unknown.
  • Last humans are wiped out. Ad-Min Strator takes up residence in the City of Spires.
  • Humans emerge from wreckage on Quelya, meet Halflings, assist them, eventually merge societies.
  • Human survivors on Verdura begin taking over the indigenous species to establish a new culture.

Spelljamming Era

  • Elves of Perianth invent spelljamming, establish contact with other species.
  • Quesselyg Fleuris relocates to Verdure to learn from the people there and discover new magic.
  • Storm Giants of Quelya begin to lose power as humans and halflings take to the stars.
  • Drow are exiled to the Shadow Moon in the largest display of spelljammer force ever known.
  • Verduran humans and Fleuris make contact with the Infernal Alliance. Feathered Serpent and Golden Flower cysts are formed.
  • Night Twist created on Verdura.
  • First Elf civil war
  • Gnomes develop their own spelljammers
  • Gnome homeworld explodes. Chain of Tears created, complicating travel to the Forge.
  • Efreet blockade of the Pyre itself begins. Janni of Vorel are stranded.
  • Second Elf civil war. In the greatest display of spelljamming power ever known, the Elven Armada banishes the rebel elves to the Spider Moon.
  • Verduran Cyst dominates Verdura.
  • Verduran Cyst triggers the Yuan-Ti transformation. Verduran society collapses into chaos, blood, infighting and horror. House Fleuris retreats, sans Quesslyg, back to Perianth and steps into the gap created by the Exile to form a new Kingdom.
  • Corylus goes to Verdura in search of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent. Cuts down Nightwist, returns to Perianth, dies. Benthazel transforms herself to fight the curse.


Current Era

  • Many Fleuris kings and queens live and die, all at a young age.
  • Illithid invasion and conquest of the Forge.
  • Half-orc breeding program fails.
  • Formian colonization of the Chain of Tears begins.
  • Illithids bring Lifejammer tech to Drow, set them loose.
  • A few more years pass and John arrives.


Theme: Skyworld, by Two Steps from Hell

  • Type: Material
  • Gravity: Normal
  • Time: Normal
  • Size: Unknown
  • Morphic: Alterable
  • Energy/Elemental Traits: None (specific localities may vary)
  • Alignment: Mildly neutral
  • Magic: Normal
  • Technology: Progress level 2-3

Named after the celestial body at the heart of the only known solar system, Pyresol is a magical world where the races of destiny, stone, and wild ply the stars in flying ships known as Spelljammers. Each race has a homeworld in the system and their own cultures and traditions. The worlds are as follows:

The Pyre

At the center of the system lies The Pyre, the fiery body that warms and illuminates the inner worlds. Some claim the Pyre is a gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire, while others claim it was once a world like any other, but infernal magics cursed it to an eternity aflame.

Ashen: A World of Dust

Closest to the fiery sun is Ashen, a searing hot world covered by a desert of white dust. Whatever once lived on this planet—and the half-buried pyramids give silent voice to some culture existing here long ago—has been dead for eons. Despite their age, these ruins continue to attract treasure seekers from across the system, for the hoards of magic hidden beneath the sands are legendary.

Factions & Faces

  • Janni Wanderers search the ancient ruins for magical artifacts. They are stuck on this world due to an Efreet blockade of the planar portal. Nizar Kamil joined the Pilgrims when they visited, leaving behind the desert planet.

Blue Dragons carve out territories in the desert. Acophisian (Haura) attacked the Pilgrims before being subdued and dream-shaped by John.

Marruspawn still protect the ruins of the Stranger colonies. Waeth was a mere Marruspawn Sneak overwhelmed by Haura’s presence; he now worships her and awaits her return.

Verdura: The Jungle Planet

The first truly habitable world is Verdura, covered from pole to pole by lush, thick tropical jungles and dominated by reptillian beasts of all sizes and shapes. Once a thriving center of civilization, the mighty temples of Verdura have long since crumbled under pressure from the tendrils of the jungle. The depraved yuan-ti rule this planet, though their influence is admittedly limited beyond their small territories.

Quelya: A Watery World

Third from the sun orbits the watery world of Quelya, studded by long chains of islands criss-crossing her blue face. Humans and halflings rule the surface of this world, gathered into merchant clans that lay claim to various archipelagos. Beneath the still waters lurk the evil sahuagin, who believe themselves rightful owners of the entire planet. Stories tell of even greater evil in the deepest parts of the oceans.

Factions and Faces

  • Human and Halfling civilizations are so interwoven they mostly form a single culture. The largest settlement is the Freehold of Lagos. Owin Geewick is a moneylender and business investor, who betrayed the Pilgrims but made up for it later. Akuma is a famous bounty hunter who specializes in tracking down and imprisoning pirates. Lani Leysimple hails from Owin’s settlement.
  • Piracy is rampant. Captain Domnika Alena hails from this world, where she got her start raiding the seas.
  • Sahuagin raiders constantly assail the humans and halflings of Quelya. They claim to be the oldest civilization, but they shun the deep ruins consecrated to Y’Chak and the Elder Evils. Some of them served the storm giant Zorath the Tidal King before he was bound by Y’Chaks power and made a Shard Guardian.

Perianth: A Planetary Forest

Perianth, the last of the inner planets, is dominated by thick, ancient forests. The elves rule here, as they have for millennia, in quiet grace and dignity. However, behind the facade of serenity lies a churning turmoil of political intrigue, as various noble houses angle for power.

Factions and Faces

  • House Fleuris is shrouded in scandal and mystery. Led by King Indogalad Fleuris, a mage of immense power and knowledge, who shares a bond with John. His daughter Adthea Fleuris is a burgeoning sorceress who’s asked John to help her father by learning his secrets and freeing him from his madness. Marikoth A’Fleuris is a lesser scion of the house who revels in luxury and decadence, and makes his living selling magic.
  • Wood Elves of Periannth form a second class of citizens. They tend to live on the outskirts and in the lower boughs of the arboreal elven cities. Miareth Lyclen hails from a wood elf house and now serves as Adthea’s handmaiden. Before, she was Mali Lyclen’s childhood friend.
  • Gray Elves have hidden cities in mist shrouded vales, but sometimes come to elven courts to earn prestige and power. Medwethyn Lithdiir was such a seeker, but her life changed course when she met John.
  • In the forests beyond elven lands lurk many mysterious powers. Among them are Benthazel – The First Root, foe of the Night Twist, Guardian of the Iron Glade. She and John each have uneasy alliances with Irthoscasein, a powerful Green Dragon.

The Spider Moon: Reminder of a Dark Past

Gone but not quite forgotten from Perianth are the dark elves, banished to the Spider Moon that crawls across the starlit web of the heavens. Exiled to this grim prison ages ago, the dark elves plot their cold revenge upon those who wronged them.

Factions and Faces

  • The Drow are the only known faction on this world. They dwell in cavern cities beneath the surface of the moon and are sending out fleets of pirates and raiders to wreak vengeance. Xunyl Qualnoyss’afay Derahel was one such captain before being vanquished—twice—by the pilgrims.

The Chain of Tears: A Ruined World

The asteroid belt known as the Chain of Tears separates and protects the inner worlds from the harsh environment beyond. Reputedly once a planet in its own right, the Chain now provides homes to creatures of all varieties, though it is most famous for three groups of inhabitants: gnomes, supposedly the original natives of the world that became the Chain; pirates, who use the chaotic swirl to hide their caches and bases; and the insectlike formians, whose colonizers continue to spread across a wide swath of the chain.

Factions and Faces

  • Gnomes still frequent the chain, even though they’ve had to find homes elsewhere. Tenkoble Bizzbus hails from this broken world.
  • Formian Invaders threaten the other species with conquest, but so far have not left the asteroid belt.

Moradin’s Forge: A World Lost

Beyond the Chain of Tears is the outer zone, where hurtling comets, deadly meteor showers, and stranger celestial phenomena endanger unwary travelers. Perhaps most lethal of all is the simple bone-numbing cold of the region, as the Tears block most of the heat emanating from the Pyre.

The lone planet of any size in this area is a dark, mountainous world known to most in the system as Moradin’s Forge (or more simply, the Forge). Thought he frigid surface is generally uninhabitable to most species, the geothermally heated tunnels deep within the planet provide reasonable comfort. Once a place of unending conflict between the dwarves and orcs native to it, the Forge now lies in the iron grip of the invading illithids.

Factions and Faces

  • Dwarven Civilization started here, but it has been a generation since it fell. Boguk Cairnmelter is one such exile. Despite his dwarven heritage, Boignus Khimzabin is not forge-born—he is a plane wanderer from elsewhere.
  • Orcish Civilization struggled against the dwarves before the Illithids crushed them all. The ensuing half-orc breeding program gave rise to a new species that failed to fulfill the role of Thrall Race. Outcast but untroubled, half-orcs like Xomkug make their fortune among the worlds.
  • Illithid menace looms over all the worlds of the Pyre. They’ve given the Dark Elves the gift of spaceflight, releasing them to pursue vengeance, and it’s unknown what their next move will be.


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