• Type: Material
  • Gravity: Normal
  • Time: Normal
  • Size: Unknown
  • Morphic: Alterable
  • Energy/Elemental Traits: Cold dominant
  • Alignment: Mildly evil
  • Magic: Cold enhanced, fire impeded
  • Technology: Unknown

Theme: Crystal Kingdom, Nox Arcana

Notes from the Infernal Library indicate that an Alliance magus called Rahas made his home on this world, exerting dominance over a sizable fief. The atlases and charts show a world with oceans, high mountains, and many tribes and kingdoms, but the energy seeping from the portal is incredibly, deathly cold.

Exploration confirmed that the world is almost completely consumed by an unnatural ice age, spreading from a distant land and engulfing everything in its path. In the wake of the freezing wind, haunting whispers and twisted visions seep into the mind of its denizens, calling them into the wasteland.

Once, an empire as great and sophisticated as Rome flourished in temperate, fertile lands. Now only a small nation’s worth of land remains beyond the encroaching permafrost, inhabited by tribes of nomads who kill for meat and blood to survive. Wandering in the ruins of the lost empire are the Immoth, elementals who seek words of knowledge.

In time, even these last bands will be swallowed by the killing cold. Then, the pulsating heart that sends forth the frost will be made manifest, and Zelzosh shall be lost forever.


High Crag


The goblin peoples of Zelzosh have banded together as the Killing Cold encroaches upon the last lands of the ancient Empire. Bugbears, hobgoblins, goblins and other kin fight for survival from the unassailable heights of High Crag. Led by the wisdom of Spugkadstuk, they seek any hope they can find to preserve their nation in the last days.


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